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Welcome to my studio. I document my adventures through photos, blogs, and travel. Hope you have a nice stay!

Step-by-Step Workflow

Step-by-Step Workflow

Straight-out-of-Camera to Finished Photo

Step-by-step workflow from a photoshoot at The Palace of Fine Arts

Step 1: Upload to computer and backup on external hard drive + pull up Lightroom CC.

Tip: always backup unedited-raw files - you never know when you might need them

Step 2: Create new folder and narrow down the photos I want to edit - typically starts with 200+ photos, to 80, to 50, to 20.

Tip: take your time, don't rush this step - look at all the details and ask yourself "Whats wrong with this photo - Can it be better? Do I have another photo that is better?" You can learn so much in this review. Remember things you missed, did you follow the rule of thirds, is the cop tool your new BFF?, notice your settings, were they right/wrong? Always evaluate your work, be a critic! 

Step 3: Color correct, adjust white balance, crop, etc. Create preset and paste on all photos. (Typically, I don't use one particular preset, I let the gallery inspire me and focus on a few colors that I really want to POP - so I create my own settings for each gallery)

Tip: adding a preset helps, but should not be the only edit with your photo - pay around with the tools and understand how things work. Know what you like - this will help you develop a style.

Step 4: Heal/clone brush, tedious touch ups, etc.

Tip: don't over correct

Step 5: Review final edits and share! I use Shootproof, Dropbox, or Google Images

Tip: add a few bloopers, they're fun to look back on and your client will love you for it.

Other editing tools:

Apps: VSCO, Snapseed, Afterlight, Entouch, Touch Retouch

Presets: Mastin Labs, Seek the Light, The Luxe Lens

Model: Jenny Tran

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Sterling Vineyards, a must-see

Sterling Vineyards, a must-see