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Work by day, Lounge by night

Work by day, Lounge by night

If you're like me, you chose living in a BIG city over living in a big house. Good ole San Francisco is a great place, and I mean GREAT, but to live here, well, you learn to give up a few things starting with space.

When I started working from home I knew I needed to figure out a "work space" to feel organized and undistracted. The problem, though, there was no more space in my micro size apartment. I knew that I needed to be crafty, so I decided to convert my living room to a work space Monday-Friday.

At the end: a step-by-step guide on what you need to convert your lounge area to an organized work space.

work by day

lounge space

lounge by night

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adjustable desk

sit, stand, lay anywhere

noise-cancelling headphones

Sony mdr1000x

These headphones are a GAME CHANGER. Here's why: When you have these headphones on, and someone wants to talk to you, or you want to hear something, simply put your palm on the outside of the right headphone cup - immediately, the music stops and a microphone on the outside of the headpiece allows you to hear whats going on around you. Simply amazing. 

my first love

Canon Rebel t6i

The Canon above is, by far, one of the best Canon camera picks for beginner photographers. Its affordable, provides amazing quality, and super light weight.

Bonus: it connects to your phone via wi-fi

stay organized

with planners, notebooks, and apps like OneNote

keep it green

fact: plants reduce stress


this rambler will keep my coffee hot/cold all day, seriously 

warm & cozy


laptop cover

What to Wear: Outdoor Photoshoot

What to Wear: Outdoor Photoshoot

Sunset at Sutro

Sunset at Sutro