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Aimee Rancer of The Ohio Transplant

Aimee Rancer of The Ohio Transplant

Meet Aimee...

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In this week's LIVE, we are featuring Aimee of The Ohio Transplant. We'll be covering Aimee's move to San Francisco and current lifestyle, her Creative Career at Pinterest, followed by her surprising hobby and fashion-forward blog.

Living in San Francisco

Describe your perfect Saturday in the city: Waking up early, 7am to be exact, taking Bolt to the dog park, getting breakfast, wandering around the city, and grabbing drinks with friends!


- Black Sands Brewery in Lower Haight for good beer and tasty french fries

- Barvale on Divisidaro, for their wide variety of tapas and gin & tonics

Where is your favorite San Francisco getaway: Sonoma or Napa

Advice on surviving San Francisco: Make a budget and do not live beyond your means. Focus on the essentials. Walk everywhere, if you can, to avoid traffic. I walk an hour to work every day, I feel like it's a great start to the morning.

Recommended Podcasts: Jen Gotch is OK...Sometimes, How Did This Get Made?, How I Built This, Comedy Bang Bang

Corona Heights Summit


What's your day job and what do you love about it? I work at Pinterest as a Content Strategist. I meet with a ton of different people and brands to help them see the potential of Pinterest. A lot of people can be skeptical of spending money on Pinterest, they see us as a recipe platform, but we are so much more than that.

What's your advice on landing your dream job? Say yes to everything, even opportunitess you might be hesitant on. After a while, revaluate your priorities and know your worth. Once you get experienece under your belt, don't be afraid to speak up, and charge clients what you're worth.

What do you want to be known for: helping educate people and empower them to do what they do and continue to be nice and don’t take things seriously

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Describe your style in 3 words: quirky, easy-going, fun

Where do you get your inspiration? Pinterest (lol)

Do you have other hobbies? I'm currently writing a childrens book about my dog. It's a fun activity, I enjoy writing and exploring and doing new things. I love exercise, too. Anytime I can take a class or try a new workout is really fun.

Sterling Vineyards, a must-see

Sterling Vineyards, a must-see

What's in my Camera Bag

What's in my Camera Bag